Take it For What it is.

I hate to bore any reader, and hope I don’t run anyone off… Please don’t let it seem self-righteous, this is how it’s written (I’m no preacher). No dead were raised in front of me today, no cancers healed that I’ve seen today, and I have no more profound words than that which you’ll hear coming from anyone else in the faith. Enjoy.

I woke up today, took a while to get up and around, then went to the local dollar store. I have prayed and read today, may not have gotten slobbering drunken in the Spirit, but I talked in tongues for a while, praying for rulers, the Church, and loved ones. I strive to pray so much every day, at least. It doesn’t always work out, due to my own failure and shortcoming.

As far as words of encouragement go (see, I typed that I was not unable to encourage), it’s coming too close to get out, now. With COVID-19 and all this perversion in the world, as well as murder (including abortions), suicide, killings of Christians in Islamic and Communist states, persecution in China, Russia, and North Korea, wars, rumors of wars, and all this mess going on leading to a one-world government, companies microchipping employees in other countries (indeed, it is coming here, and is already here in the USA, just not yet legally required 🙌), it’s obvious that the end is near. We are evermore in the last days. Some people say, “I’ve heard it preached for 70 years that God is coming, and He ain’t come, yet.” God is patiently waiting for everyone who will to be saved, but as soon as the last soul who will be saved is saved, we’re out of here and gone. The rest will be left behind.

I don’t want to offend anyone by saying such (should be, at least) terrifying things, but it is written in the book of Jude as follows:

  1. “And of some have compassion, making a difference:
  2. And others save with fear, pulling them out of the fire; hating even the garment spotted by the flesh.”
    (Jude KJV)

“…others save with fear….”, meaning what? I am telling you it’s gonna be bad, people have become desensitized to the truth of a fearful place called Hell. Yes, I said the H-word, some of us rarely hear it except for when others use it as a curse. Now, think on that for a moment. You’d better be afraid of this Hell that old preachers, who casted out devils in the name of Jesus, who have seen cancers disintegrated and tumors fall off, have been telling people about, and preaching on the streets, in corn fields, and in pulpits everywhere. This generation doesn’t want to hear about a place called Hell, the last one became disenchanted, and now we are even worse than the generation who left the Church. Thank God there are those who still preach that Hell is hot and eternity long, and who preach against homosexuality and all manner of sin. Those preachers don’t and won’t hold anything back, pull no punches, firing off both barrels, right down the middle, preaching fire and faith. That is what we need more than ever. I want preachers who aren’t afraid to dance all over my toes until I have no more toes left! Thank God my pastor ain’t afraid to preach it like it says! He ain’t perfect, but he will do whatsoever God commands him to.

God bless! Have a wonderful day in Jesus’s name, as I have had as well. No better day than one on which a soul is saved! Hope I ain’t run you off, but there it is… I’ll not be apologizing, but I hope it don’t read as self-righteous.

The Crushing

Great read for anyone who wants the truth. Please read this post.

Ginger's Place

If there is one thing that I have learned, it is that pain is never easy but pain will always facilitate maturity. And another thing that I have learned is that God does not waste pain. There will always be purpose in our pain.

You see, from great pain comes great growth. Olive oil is produced only when the olive is crushed, tearing the flesh of the olive away, allowing the oil to be released.

The anointing of God only comes from the crushing process that rips away our flesh and allows the oil of God’s anointing to be released in our lives.

This crushing process in my life has at times be devastating, but is has been equally astonishing.

I have lived within a realm of genetic defects and malformations that created health issues that should have taken my life not only before I was born but shortly thereafter…

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Life is Not Perfect, But We are Blessed.

I am sure many think that life as a Christian should be perfect. Others may have seen some who claim the name of Christ, and try to make their lives look perfect. Some may see others who seem to always go to church and dance, and it just looks easy because they are so content and joyful. You don’t see the whole story, that person who is so blessed in every thing they put their hand to, and dances all the time, has been, and will be, in fiery trials. Let me tell you from personal experience, you ain’t gonna shirk all your troubles. They will only get worse. About two years ago, I thought life as a believer would be perfect, and thought it would take all my problems away to receive the victory. However, though you now have the victory, have you ever heard of a strong man not having to exercise and fight to stay strong and undefeated?

My troubles seem doubled and tripled at times. I have the Spirit and victory, and Satan tries despirately to take it away, or to make me sell out on it by pressure.

The point being: it ain’t without cost, nor is it without persecution and pressures. This way is easy when you are unwilling to back out for anything, but it’s the most difficult existence you can live in this world. We are blessed, and have all things, and yet have nothing in this life, and are vexed; gifted, yet things are taken away; alive, yet dead to this world. We have life more abundantly, and are held up. We are also suffering and put to death. We are killed all day long, and yet go into life when we die. We have been buried in death, yet raised in resurrection. We are the children of the King, yet lowly and meek.

This truth, Spirit, and experience are a free gift, but it will cost you everything you’ll ever have in this life. So, this way ain’t for the faint, but it is for whosoever will.

God bless you most abundantly. I am no wise person, but these sayings are faithful and worthy of all acceptation.

A New Apostolic Blog

I’d like to start by saying I am an Apostolic believer in the Lord Jesus Christ, who is the one, true, living God, and I do uphold certain standards of appearance, conduct and conversation. Also, that this won’t be me beating anyone for their lifestyle, or being proud or negative. This is solely to add some good into lives, and give people something to read that is neither the bad/fake news or Facebook junk that brings drama and division. Furthermore, I will say that I will not allow any comments with any cursing, vulgar, explicit, or drug/alcohol related content (unless in positive manners of reference to drugs and alcohol, as in testimonies or such, no problem with that, it is absolutely encouraged). If any want to hate or be negative, without vulgarity, I’ll allow it. It may be that God will requite me good for the evil of others against me. No arguments, fighting, or jumping on anyone in the comments, not even in my defense or to get back at others for doing it first.

This is my first post on my first blog, it’ll undoubtedly be a bit random for a while. Please bear with me, and check out my future stuff. At the bottom of the page, there should be a box you can check to be notified for future posts, if I am correct.

Anyway, on with the blog… Today was good, (I’ll be keeping total anonymity, as well). I’m blessed, and highly favored by God. I’m ready to assemble with the brethren again, and to hang out with a dear friend after, if God will. I have had this here Holy Ghost for two years, as of about two months ago. I can’t tell you the date past the month (within weeks of the day), but I remember what went down the night my life was changed forever: I went down in the wonderful name of Jesus Christ for the remission of my sins, and came up speaking in English for about ten to fifteen seconds more. The rest was a language I’ve never learned or so much as heard spoken heretofore, but I spoke it perfectly fluently. My life has never been the same, since. I’ve been drunker in the Spirit than Cooter Brown ever was on his natural drink, I’ve got a hold of some of that spiritual drink. Furthermore, it is often said around here, “Ain’t no party like a Holy Ghost party ’cause a Holy Ghost party don’t stop!”

I’ve been brought to the group of believers where I belong as a home away from home. That man of God over that pastorate is the one who baptized me in Jesus’s name. It ain’t been perfect, I’ve had even more trouble since, but God has been faithful through it all. “Many are the afflictions of the righteous, but the LORD delivereth him out of them all.”

I’ve been blessed to see this day, and to see friends and family, as well as people I haven’t known, saved and in the truth.

I will be posting as I am able, and probably not everything will be profound and such (probably nothing will be), I’ll just be posting whatever works. I don’t do much debating, and I do no arguing, but I will gladly discuss my faith, the Word of God with anyone. I remain here on this earth to do just that. Be blessed in the name of Jesus Christ, and have a blessed day. Blessed be the name of the Lord.